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We Deliver Value from Day 1 with “Pays for Itself” Affordability

We are committed to a fixed monthly ‘no surprise, no hidden fees’ pricing model for Wendi’s virtual front office. Our pricing is designed to help you quickly extract as much value from our platform. Everything you need for success is included in our pricing, from the first phone call with our team to your first a-ha moment AI automation! Our solutions will save you thousands of dollars a month at a cost of only hundreds of dollars a month.

24/7 Support

Wendi never sleeps


State-of-the-art efficiency

Everything you need for success is included

  • Phone, text, and chat in a single inbox
  • Complete automation for intake, verification, and scheduling
  • Single-click Insurance verification and CPT level verification
  • A team of several people implementing and supporting your needs
  • Patient-provider matching based on patient need, insurance, and location
  • Live training and best-in-class customer support

Increase operational efficiency and profit

Healthcare is Hard

Let Wendi AI make it easier for you to manage, operate, and grow your unique healthcare practice.

Insurance providers that Wendi supports: 96%
Productivity increase because of automation: 86%
New customer acquisition average increase: 43%

Unmatched Benefits

  • Automation designed to decrease administrative burden and increase patient throughput
  • Enterprise-level scalability to meet the needs and size of your practice
  • Seamlessly integrated and secured AI platform covered by HIPAA
  • A fully customizable solution for your workflow

  • Enhanced patient satisfaction with automation designed to respond to your patients even when you can’t
  • 12 months’ worth of feature enhancements and improvements at no extra cost
  • Turn-key building of your custom solution so you can focus on healthcare
  • Simple patient inbox management to oversee entire intake automation

Some of our Happy Customers

Leading practices trust Wendi.

Reduced admin burden

“The Wendi digital assistant is a critical member of our team. Since adding her to our website, we have saved hours daily. We’ve also seen a higher new patient count by streamlining the onboarding process. Wendi saved us from having to hire someone new at 10X the cost.”

Colleen Hilton, Acuity Counseling

Increased new patient throughput

“We are a group mental health practice with dozens of providers. Wendi has improved our new customer acquisition by 40%, saving us daily hours and producing a 300X ROI within 30 days.”

Tamara Lagalo, Spring Forest Counseling

Watch this quick overview to see how Wendi can optimize your practice’s operations.

Have more questions? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can I expect immediate results?2024-03-27T12:31:13-07:00

The right way to think of Wendi is a long-term commitment to your business’s health and transformative growth potential. Wendi’s impact will be realized almost immediately, but adopting AI in your practice sustainably meets your specific workflow needs requires tooling, optimizing, and long-term commitment to change. In a very short period of several months, Wendi will begin to produce an ROI that is more than a few hundred a month in cost and for 75% less than any person you would need to hire to do the same. Furthermore, your team will love it because they can focus more on patients and healthcare and less on admin stuff while Wendi works 24/7 doing so.

Can I pick and choose the features I want?2024-03-27T12:29:14-07:00

While Wendi offers plans for practices of all sizes, we do not offer a la carte features. Our plans include intake, verification, and scheduling automation with phone, text, and chat capabilities. Where plans vary will be based on the number of providers you may want on the plan, phone lines you need, messages you want to send, and whether you need integration into EMR. Our customers maximize their ROI with Wendi by utilizing all of the features she offers and the power they afford our customers.

Is there a limit to how many patients I can manage with my Wendi account?2024-03-27T12:28:43-07:00

There is no limit on how many patients Wendi can manage, concurrent or sequential.

Is there a limit to how many user accounts I can have?2024-03-27T12:27:54-07:00

No limit exists on how many staff you set up for user accounts. Depending on your plan, you are also allocated several provider accounts. Do not worry; regardless of method, you can always add providers to your plan for a small incremental cost.

What happens if my EMR doesn’t allow for integrations to Wendi?2024-03-27T12:27:16-07:00

We continue to expand our list of supported platforms, but many EMRs do not allow any integration by any third party. Even in those cases, they do not, we can offer a turnkey answer to periodically passing data to your EMR. Click here to learn more about EMR integration.

How long is the onboarding process?2024-03-27T12:25:52-07:00

Onboarding typically involves customized workflows of about thirty days. The time required over that period from you would be a couple of meetings or hours. The first meeting would focus on establishing your requirements. The second meeting would involve reviewing and charting your custom workflows, after which you will receive a complete flow chart of what Wendi will build for you.

If you require more of our standard workflows, the onboarding could be much quicker in two weeks.

We will provide you with the necessary onboarding documents and support so you can get started on Wendi as soon as you sign on.

Do I need to install software on my computer to access Wendi?2024-03-27T12:24:48-07:00

No, Wendi is a cloud-based platform you can access without installing software. You can also download an app for Wendi to handle some of the Wendi functions, like answering, calling, and texting patients.

Do you provide training?2024-03-27T12:14:36-07:00

Yes, as part of our onboarding process, we can arrange custom training with your team on how to use Wendi. Remember that since the Wendi team handles your complete configuration, the system’s movement is effortless, focusing simply on showing you how to manage your single phone, text, and chat inbox. If you need anything modified or changed, your dedicated account manager will handle it.

Is there a demo?2024-03-27T12:12:20-07:00

If you want to see how simple Wendi is to manage the single inbox we built for you, click here: Wendi in-box management

To see how easy it is for a patient’s insurance to be verified at your practice, look at Insurance Verification.

Do I have access to support?2024-03-27T12:07:00-07:00

Wendi helps you transition your practice to AI automation with dedicated support. From your initial onboarding to the last day of your twelve-month term, you have a dedicated account manager who will walk you through Wendi’s setup, configuration, and ongoing use. In addition, support is handled through phone and email, with most resolutions typically addressed within 24-48 hours. Your dedicated manager will also meet with you throughout the year to review and optimize your workflows.

How long is your standard term?2024-03-27T12:05:13-07:00

Wendi’s standard term is 12 months, and you have both an annual pay option, which comes with a significant discount, and a monthly payment option.

Do you have a free trial or offer month to month?2024-03-27T12:06:26-07:00

Wendi’s virtual front office is not an off-the-shelf chat solution but a comprehensive solution consolidating your phone, text, and chat into one inbox. Since we build and customize each account specific to the workflows of that practice with time-saving automation, there is no way for us to offer a free trial or a month-to-month option.

Have you got questions about pricing?

Our plans start at only hundreds of dollars a month. We would be happy to discuss the plan options most suited to your needs.

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