Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare


Virtual Front Office Designed for Providers

Wendi provides the top virtual assistant for physicians to ensure your practice’s priorities receive expert support. And in turn, a virtual front office helps you grow and expand. Save money, improve profits and enjoy a frictionless office with our help. Thanks to our versatile capabilities, Wendi integrates seamlessly into every office workflow — especially those where you need the most help!

AI front office assistants from Wendi support all areas of your practice

Examples of tasks that our digital healthcare front office assistants handle:

Wendi’s Virtual Assistant for Doctors

Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Patient Journeys

Automate the patient journey with Wendi’s phone, text and chat capabilities:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Patient Workflows

Automate existing patients’ workflows. Patients can easily chat with Wendi to handle various requests:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Insurance Benefits

Check and verify insurance benefits instantly with Wendi. We can verify more than 1,800 payers in seconds — to boot, Wendi-supported insurers cover more than 96% of people.


of people are covered by insurance providers that Wendi supports
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Phone System

Streamline your phone system. Wendi offers a complete text and phone system with unlimited call routing and forwarding and messaging. Our benefits don’t stop there:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare


Benefits of Digital Healthcare Assistants

Digital Healthcare Assistant FAQs

A virtual healthcare assistant is a digital tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to provide patients with personalized assistance. Patients can access a virtual healthcare assistant (or “virtual front office”) through various channels, like phone, voice, text, chat or onlne.

A virtual healthcare assistant uses AI to automate nearly all administrative functions from intake to scheduling and insurance verification. The algorithms over time will learn from large data sets of data from workflow so as to optimize your practice’s patient management effectiveness over time.

Virtual healthcare assistants offer patients many benefits, including 24/7 access to patient management, appointment scheduling, insurance verification, and intake.

Wendi designs virtual healthcare assistants to be secure and comply with regulatory standards — such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA — to protect patient privacy and data security. However, patients should always use caution when sharing sensitive medical information. Wendi ensures patients have a trusted and secure virtual healthcare assistant platform at their fingertips.

Meet Wendi

Contact us to learn how to get your personal digital healthcare assistant working for you all year, 24×7, for the cost of one new employee month.

Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare
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