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Wendi FAQs2024-04-03T17:40:47-07:00

Browse our FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions:

(This program is written for Wendi clients and team members only. Sharing, reselling, and duplicating without Wendi’s written permission is strictly prohibited.)

Do you integrate into EMRs? How do you do it?2024-04-02T10:12:36-07:00

YES, we do. If your EMR does not have APIs, we can offer your API a read-only data transfer option. If it does, it would be a read/write option.

Do you offer monthly plans?2024-04-02T10:13:08-07:00

We offer plans that can be paid monthly but are 12-month agreements. If you pay annually, you get a discount on the cost.

Does it take a lot of time to manage the solution?2024-04-02T10:34:44-07:00

The solution is turnkey and easy to deploy and manage. We configure it for you, and with a few hours of training, you can do the work of one new hire in minutes vs. all day—the rest of the time, Wendi does the job automatically and 24/7.

Do I need to be technical to use the solution?2024-04-02T10:41:18-07:00

At most, it’s an hour of orientation. Most of the patient acquisition, communication, and screening is automated. We are leaving you with very little technical to do. Combining the solution is easy to manage with the fact we configure it and support you on it; customers are proficient in far less time than it takes to train a new, more expensive hire. Also, you simply set it, forget it, and let Wendi automatically do the job 24/7.

What if I fail with your solution?2024-04-02T10:42:12-07:00

Outside of the ease of use, we guarantee our solution. We provide peace of mind money-back guarantee if you aren’t acquiring new patients in the first 90 days of deploying our solution or managing new or existing ones more efficiently.

Does it connect to my current phone system?2024-04-02T10:43:41-07:00

There are a few options: 1) port your # over to Wendi, 2) Forward calls to Wendi, and 3) Forward calls out of Wendi.

Do you integrate into our email?2024-04-02T12:37:20-07:00

SMS has a 90+% higher rate of engagement versus email. Emails get missed, unopened, and unanswered, but 90% of texts get read, and it’s a method of communication that people have come to expect. Having a transparent and unified inbox for your team alleviates the hassle of email forwarding or the burden of 1 staff member dropping the ball. The visibility for the whole team ensures no patients get missed.

What is the pricing like?2024-04-02T13:00:03-07:00

Price will depend on what goal you are trying to achieve. Acquire new patients, communicate with them, or screen them. In all cases, we can save you thousands a year versus using another employee. Managing your patients automatically only costs hundreds, not thousands, a month. See our Pricing page for more details.

How do we verify insurance?2024-04-02T13:03:31-07:00

We built the data pipes for the insurance companies and have done a lot of work ingesting those big data files around eligibility to have a best-in-class eligibility check.

We are using Spruce Health as our phone system. Can we replace them with you?2024-04-02T13:42:43-07:00

Yes, Wendi handles inbound and outbound calling.

Can clients check insurance verification for current clients as insurance changes all the time, including copays, etc.?2024-04-02T13:46:01-07:00

Yes, they can import their current patients and check reverify insurance anytime if they have a) payer, b) birthdate, c) name, d) member ID.

Can calls go from her admin to her nurses?2024-04-04T16:22:26-07:00

Yes, calls can go to as many staff as she wants.

Can we customize just to have the drop-down list only the insurances we take?2024-04-04T16:23:19-07:00

Yes, we can customize the list in the configuration stage,

Can scheduling accommodate unique providers/specialties? Have a different schedule and parameters for each provider?2024-04-04T16:23:49-07:00

Wendi is configured to accommodate schedules and events unique to each provider.

Can we replace our current answering service with Wendi?2024-04-04T16:24:23-07:00

Yes, the idea of Wendi is precisely that: to replace your answering service.

Will older adults find Wendi easy to use?2024-04-04T16:24:51-07:00

Yes, the elderly population is one of the largest demographics for both online and texting.

Can doctors block out and customize their schedules?2024-04-04T16:25:20-07:00

The scheduling availability will read dynamically from the native Wendi scheduler.

Does a client need a business VOIP Line, or can we provide it?2024-04-04T16:25:49-07:00

Wendi is a VoIP system.

Can lab results be uploaded into Wendi?2024-04-04T16:26:29-07:00

We can upload lab results into Wendi in the documents section. If you wish to have the data stored in your patients’ records, we will accomplish that through an integration with your EMR.

Can we help with Marketing? Drive traffic to their website?2024-04-04T16:27:11-07:00

Wendi is not a lead generation solution but rather a digital front door to capture new potential patients from your website traffic. We do it by making engaging with you automated and simple for patients.

What if I already have a chat and scheduling?2024-04-04T16:27:40-07:00

Do the two work together automatically? Does chat include phone and SMS, insurance screening, and form-based workflows? Wendi is unique because it brings them all together to work automatically, so you don’t have to run between multiple systems and lose time or money. If you love your scheduling solution, we can work on integrating it into your EMR.

Can you verify insurance for out-of-network?2024-04-04T16:28:10-07:00

If a patient is out of network, they would be provided out-of-network pricing. On the provider side, you can configure an account to accept in and out-of-network insurance.

Do you integrate with Practice Fusion?2024-04-04T16:28:39-07:00

Yes, see the above question on EMR.

Can we customize Wendi’s chat messages? Will the chat allow patients to ask questions during your office hours?2024-04-04T16:29:05-07:00

The messages in the chat are customizable. Our version Wendi 2.0 will allow for even more dynamic Q&A like.

Which insurance do you use for instant verification or not?2024-04-04T16:29:36-07:00

We verify insurance for thousands of healthcare plans. While we currently don’t do dental or vision, given the complex nature of supplemental, we are still waiting for one to do instant verification today. However, we are looking at building into the product later in the year. For a complete list of insurance providers we verify for, go here: Insurance Wendi confirms.

Do patients get to book their appointments?2024-04-04T16:30:01-07:00

However, you can control how it gets booked and with which provider by having requests go to a central dashboard for admins to manage. Or, in the case Wendi is integrated with an EMR, it would work with that calendar solution.

Does Wendi transcribe while the provider is visiting the patient?2024-04-04T16:32:06-07:00

Wendi does not transcribe during patient visits. It’s a patient intake/screening solution that covers the management of patients before their holidays.

Does Wendi provide a Spanish language copy and response?2024-04-04T16:32:31-07:00

 It will provide that in Wendi 2.0.

Can we see an integration with EMR?2024-04-04T16:34:30-07:00

Everyone’s integration is unique and proprietary and cannot be shown to them, given HIPAA compliance. That said, if we cannot get it done as we say we can, we will cover you in our money-back guarantee.

I already do insurance verification; why do I need yours?2024-04-04T16:34:59-07:00

Think of it as a non-competitive solution to yours. Wendi is a patient and in-chat or text option for patients to verify themselves before booking them. While many have their own in the back office or part of their EMR, not giving patients the ability means your admin staff gets more calls or emails than they can manage to address what can be done automatically. Think of it as a way to give your team back more time.

What if I don’t have a website or can’t add Wendi to it (Patient Pop)?2024-04-04T16:35:25-07:00

If your main point of contact is phone and text and, in particular, separate tools, Wendi can do both in one simple-to-use online account. In that case, you can handle inbound patient calls via phone and text and manage scheduling, insurance verification, and custom forms via text.

Do you have examples of customers using Wendi?2024-04-04T16:35:52-07:00

Sure, here are just two examples of customers using them differently:

      Laguna View Detox

      Island Family Surgeon

Can you show a checklist form before insurance verification?2024-04-04T16:36:53-07:00

Yes, as separate actions. In Wendi 2.0, the form workflow and insurance verification will be configurable to show a checklist before or after verification.

Do you verify dental insurance?2024-04-04T16:37:18-07:00

Sure, we can verify a certain number of dental plans. The following is a link to plans we verify:  Dental Plans

Do we verify out-of-network coverage for chiropractors or other kinds of services?2024-04-04T16:37:48-07:00

Yes, Wendi will verify out-of-network coverage as well. This is set up during the account configuration stage.

Can we capture referral information before scheduling a patient appointment?2024-04-04T16:38:21-07:00

Yes, you can customize Wendi forms to capture referral information before a patient schedules an appointment.

Can we import Spanish forms into Wendi?2024-04-04T16:39:18-07:00

You can import any of your intake forms, even in Spanish, and convert them into an embeddable format in your chat, text, and websites. However, in those cases, you offer patients either the Spanish or English version in your workflow. There is no dynamic way for the form to be toggled between languages.

Can we route patients to providers based on patient need and even location?2024-04-04T16:39:57-07:00

With Wendi, you can route patients based on ailment seeking treatment and insurance they have and match them to the appropriate provider who accepts that insurance. You will soon also be able to route to location as well.

Can Wendi replace my multi-line phone system?2024-04-04T16:40:38-07:00

If you currently have a phone system that calls all attendants at once, is picked up by an available provider, or is left to central voice mail, then Wendi can replace that. In addition to providing this functionality, this number is a two-way text number for your practice. This means you can automate a text response for missed calls and start an intake process before talking to a staff member. Lastly, you don’t have to immediately replace your phone lines if you are not ready (although you can get more automation), but you can also just port your phone or forward it to your Wendi service.

Does Wendi verify HMO insurance?2024-04-04T16:42:15-07:00

Yes! Wendi can verify HMP, PPO, Medi-cal and Medi-care.

What is Wendinet?2024-04-04T16:42:43-07:00

Wendinet is a feature on Wendi, also known as a medical network inside Wendi. Its purpose would be to provide an ‘overflow’ option for access to care to other providers on the Wendi system should your practice not be able to provide that type of care. To participate in Wendinet, your Wendinet feature needs to be enabled in your account.

Does Wendi offer Doctor to Doctor referrals?2024-04-04T16:43:49-07:00

Wendi has a doctor-to-doctor referral option. It would require the referring office and provider to have unique Wendi accounts. In such an event, the patient and all pertaining info can be transferred online between offices with a click of a button.

Can Wendi take a patient’s insurance card and Driver’s License?2024-04-04T16:44:24-07:00

Yes, you configure your form workflows to collect DL and IC after verifying insurance for a patient. The patient can also load a photo of those items from their phone.

Why do you charge your monthly or annual payments upfront?2024-04-04T16:44:54-07:00

Unlike other companies, Wendi does not charge a setup or implementation fee in addition to the contract license fee. The annual license fee includes the setup and implementation to make it clean, simple, and not nickel and dime. Setting up your account also starts the minute we receive payment.

What does setup or implementation look like?2024-04-04T16:45:22-07:00

Once the agreement is signed/payment is made:

  • Wendi implementation configures the initial account in 24-48 hours
  • Wendi implementation meets with you and the team for 
    • Wendi settings optimization (about 1 hour)
    • Wendi workflow optimization (about 1 hour)
  • Ongoing support available throughout the term of the agreement
  • If integrating EMR: The development team works with your EMR lead (2-6 weeks, depending on EMR)
Which EMRs do you not integrate to?2024-04-04T16:45:49-07:00

Wendi has a method for integrating into any EMR. As a rule of thumb, any EMR that is either a closed system, not cloud-based, or open, NO company can integrate. Wendi, however, has a data management service available that would handle data porting at the user login level on a 24-hour turnaround basis for such companies. Otherwise, Wendi would provide integration via webhooks or other API forms of integration to an EMR that is an open or cloud-based system. Either data porting or integration are included in the cost of a Complete Plan.

What if we can’t integrate Wendi into our EMR?2024-04-04T16:46:38-07:00

All is not lost. Remember, Wendi is designed to streamline your front office. We can only do so much about a back office, which is a closed system. You are still creating many efficiencies to save time and money and generate revenue with new patients. Most customers who don’t integrate find a time in the month when they can import the data into their EMR.

Is there a limit to texting on Wendi?2024-04-04T16:47:06-07:00

Wendi doesn’t currently limit the number of text messages you can send from your account.

Can you text patients from Wendi who were previously from my EHR?2024-04-04T16:47:31-07:00

Yes, as long as the messaging is not marketing-related but rather patient data, communication, scheduling, or management-related, you can message your patients even if they were initially held in your EHR and not in Wendi.

Does Wendi do both live and automated chat?2024-04-04T16:48:00-07:00

Yes, Wendi allows an admin to take over the chat communication with live communication.

Can you get to ‘inbox zero,’ and what other activity do you offer for tagging team members?2024-04-04T16:51:42-07:00

You can find an overview of inbox use, search, and tagging here: Inbox Management

How does the dashboard access and management work?2024-04-04T16:52:32-07:00

You can find an overview of dashboard management here:  Dashboard Management

How do you manage the inbound process if multiple providers and specialties take different insurances?2024-04-04T16:52:59-07:00

I’ll explain how multiple provider matching works within an organization. I’ll use Wendy as an example and walk you through the normal flow. When you submit your insurance, the benefits form presents a match list. You can then select the providers that match your needs. If Wendinet is turned off, you’ll only see the providers in the organization. You can then book an appointment with the provider that takes your insurance and matches up to the issues in your match list for that unique provider. Here is an example of such a workflow: Patient to Provider Matching

Do you have a demo or knowledge base videos for using an account?2024-04-04T16:53:33-07:00
What’s the difference between a chatbot and Wendi?2024-04-04T16:54:28-07:00

A chatbot is a very basic chat widget that often doesn’t include AI and is not usually HIPAA compliant. Wendi is a chatbot on steroids. Its HIPAA compliance offers AI and live chat options and can screen patients, allowing them to self-verify insurance. It also engages them over text once they provide a phone number to capture a new way to communicate with patients when they leave the chat. As a result, Wendi makes your practice more efficient by eliminating some steps in your workflow, whereas a chatbot just adds a new, simpler step to manage.

Can Wendi handle referrals?2024-04-04T16:54:59-07:00

Wendi provides a unique way to manage referrals that replaces the old-school fax, review, and call each referral method used by many today. Since with Wendi, you get a unique digital number; you can provide that number to your referring partners to provide to their patients. The patients can text the number, after which you can automate sending a unique form to collect referral info via mobile. They can be asked to verify other things like insurance as part of the automated workflow. Hours of work are eliminated, and the roadblocks to processing them more efficiently.

Can Wendi handle pre-authorizations?2024-04-04T16:55:32-07:00

We will typically show whether a service type requires pre-auth, but we currently do not have any automation around acquiring pre-authorization. That task is usually handled by an outsourced medical billing team or an in-house biller.

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