Intake – Scheduling – Verification

What does Wendi do?

The most valuable aspect of Wendi is that it brings all three modes of communication, phone, text, and chat, into a single inbox for vastly easier patient management and fully automates the intake, insurance verification, and scheduling of patients. Your staff gets a break from admin stuff and lets them focus on what they love – care. Ultimately, all any practice needs is Wendi’s AI-powered virtual front office that integrates into their EMR. Below are just some of Wendi’s feature benefits.

See how Wendi automates patient insurance verification by playing our video here.

We are not just tooting our own horn; we were built for this and live to help our customers and future customers achieve these goals. In addition, we can help them achieve their objectives all in one solution with the Wendi AI Powered virtual front office, which most practices often use multiple tools for.


  • Customizable workflows
  • Customizable forms
  • Embeddable forms
  • Phone, Text, Chat enabled
  • E-signature enabled
  • Patient/Provider/Location matching
  • Referral management
  • Missed patient call automation
  • Referral management


  • Customizable calendar
  • Rules-based controls
  • Phone, Text, and Chat enabled
  • Integrates to Google Calendar
  • Text reminders
  • Two-way SMS
  • 1 to 1 and mass text

Insurance Verification

  • Instant insurance verification
  • Patient/provider matching
  • Phone, Text, and Chat enabled
  • Detailed insurance view for staff
  • Single click re-verification
  • CPT level verification

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Beyond providing excellent healthcare to their patients, our customers and future customers care about the same things and have the same goals.

  • ACQUIRE more new patients and hold on to the ones they have

  • COMMUNICATE with patients more effectively to make intake and scheduling easier

  • SCREEN patients based on needs, insurance, qualification, and much more

Wendi Use Case Examples:


  • Wendi can automate your inbound calls to ring several numbers. If no one answers, voicemail is left in Wendi’s inbox for patients, transcribed, and text is automatically sent to the missed call to help initiate an intake, verification, and scheduling without ever talking to a staff member.
  • Configure your phone system or answering service to transfer to unique Wendi numbers for intake, scheduling, and verification. This would kick off an automated text intake, scheduling, or verification to patients via phone with text and embedded forms without ever needing to talk to staff.
  • As Wendi AI evolves, your patient can complete intake, scheduling, and verification over the phone without ever taxing your staff or answering service by talking with someone who is AI-generated and sounds authentic.


  • Use Wendi forms to capture virtually any info you need via text chat, embedded on your website as a fillable form right into your Wendi inbox.
  • Automate forms to be sent via text or chat based on intake, scheduling, or verification and in various languages.
  • Use a tablet in your office to capture patient information on Wendi’s embeddable forms before their visit. All form info automatically goes into your Wendi inbox for the patient.

Insurance Verification

  • Allow patients to self-verify basic insurance information over chat and text. At the same time, you receive a detailed insurance profile for patients designed to reduce the burden on your team.
  • Suppose you are a practice with multiple locations and providers. In that case, you can route patients after verification to a location and provider that addresses the treatment needed, eliminating the need for staff to do so.
  • Wendi enables your patient’s insurance to be verified to the CPT level, which no one does today. This verification would help you identify reimbursement and accelerate billing and payment while saving costly hours a day from your staff.