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Dermatology Virtual Assistant Designed for Dermatologists

Wendi provides the top dermatology virtual assistant to ensure your practice’s priorities receive expert support. And in turn, a virtual front office helps your practice grow and expand. Save time, make more money and enjoy a frictionless office with our tools. 

Thanks to our versatile AI capabilities, Wendi integrates seamlessly into every office workflow — especially where you need the most help!

Get a virtual dermatology office manager from Wendi to support all areas of your practice.

Wendi’s virtual dermatology assistant handles these tasks and more:

Wendi’s Virtual Assistant for Dermatologists

Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Patient Journeys

Streamline patient journeys with Wendi’s assistance. Automate the patient journey with Wendi’s phone, text and chat capabilities:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Patient Workflows

Automate existing patient workflows. Patients can easily chat with Wendi to handle various requests:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Insurance Benefits

Check and verify insurance benefits instantly with Wendi. We can verify more than 1,800 payers in seconds. To boot, Wendi-supported insurers cover over 96% of patients.


of people are covered by insurance providers that Wendi supports
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Phone, Text and Chat System

Streamline your phone system. Wendi offers a complete text and phone system with unlimited call routing, call forwarding and messaging. Our benefits don’t stop there:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare


Benefits of a Virtual Dermatology Assistant

Why Hire a Remote Dermatology Virtual Assistant?

Remote virtual AI assistants help private practices save substantial time, money and hassle. As a dermatologist, your focus is on diagnosing, treating and caring for patients — not on juggling office tasks. 

It’s best to leave administrative work to in-house staff or digital assistants. But the biggest perk of hiring a virtual assistant is that it can gather, message and screen all your patients for less than the cost of paying one full-time employee. 

Grow your practice for a fraction of the price while staying on top of dermatology office-related tasks, both in and out of the office. 

Virtual Dermatology Assistant FAQs

A virtual dermatology assistant is an AI-powered platform that provides dermatological information, assistance and guidance by helping with administrative tasks.

A virtual dermatology assistant operates on advanced AI technology, specifically natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. Users interact with the system by typing or speaking questions and the AI model uses its knowledge to provide relevant and accurate responses. 

AI assistants can also help with office tasks to improve workflows at your dermatology practice. 

No. A virtual dermatology assistant is not a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnoses. It’s essential to consult a licensed dermatologist or healthcare professional for accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment.

The AI assistant can provide skincare routine information related to verifying insurance, going through a patient intake process or scheduling.

Yes. Your interactions with the virtual dermatology assistant are private and secure. However, it’s crucial to be cautious and avoid sharing sensitive personal information — such as your full name, address and medical history — during your interactions.

No. A virtual dermatology assistant is not equipped to handle emergencies or severe medical conditions. If you have a medical emergency or a severe skin concern, seek immediate medical attention: Contact local emergency services or visit the nearest healthcare facility.

Meet Wendi

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Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare
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