AI-Powered Healthcare Management

AI automation designed for all practice types


Wendi provides the top virtual assistant for physicians

Virtual Front Office for Providers

Mental Health

Virtual assistant for therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists

Designed for Mental Health Practices

Recovery Centers

Expand your center with Wendi’s recovery center virtual assistant

Upgrade Recovery Center Services


Wendi provides the top dermatology practice virtual assistant

Virtual Front Office for Dermatologists


Wendi ensures your practice’s priorities receive expert support

Virtual Front Office for Chiropractors


Wendi ensures your practice’s priorities receive expert support

Designed for Orthopedic Practices

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Beyond providing excellent healthcare to their patients, our customers and future customers care about the same things and have the same goals.

  • ACQUIRE more new patients and hold on to the ones they have

  • COMMUNICATE with patients more effectively to make intake and scheduling easier

  • SCREEN patients based on needs, insurance, qualification, and much more

One In-box – AI Automation – Custom Workflows

How it Works

3 Modes of Communication

Combining three modes of communication in one inbox designed to fit your unique patient workflows powered by AI automation is truly the complete virtual front office you will find. Imagine receiving calls you cannot take and automatically sending text messages back to your patients with instructions for intake, scheduling, or more. Your patient starts a chat from your website and continues from their phone when they walk away from their computer. How about completing an intake form, insurance verification, and scheduling through text? All of these things require your staff time and attention. Imagine Wendi doing it 24/7 all day and year long. How much better off would your practice be?

AI-Powered Workflow Automation

Wendi automates your front office, reducing time spent returning calls, listening to voicemails, filling out forms, verifying insurance, and scheduling visits. Not only do you NOT need to hire a new staff member to deal with the bottlenecks, but your staff will be thrilled you brought Wendi in to pick up the slack and free them up to do what they love – provide healthcare. If you could do this all for less than 1/6th the monthly cost of a new hire while working 24/7, why wouldn’t you?

What about if Wendi could also worry about getting the data into your EMR so you don’t have to? See more on EMR integrations here: EMR Integrations. To learn more about how Wendi can transform your practice, contact us.

Some of our Happy Customers

Leading practices trust Wendi.

Reduced admin burden

“The Wendi digital assistant is a critical member of our team. Since adding her to our website, we have saved hours daily. We’ve also seen a higher new patient count by streamlining the onboarding process. Wendi saved us from having to hire someone new at 10X the cost.”

Colleen Hilton, Acuity Counseling

Increased new patient throughput

“We are a group mental health practice with dozens of providers. Wendi has improved our new customer acquisition by 40%, saving us daily hours and producing a 300X ROI within 30 days.”

Tamara Lagalo, Spring Forest Counseling