Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare


Mental Health Virtual Assistant Designed for Therapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Say hi to Wendi, a time-saving and cost-effective virtual assistant for mental health therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Then, say goodbye to the need for another set of hands. With Wendi, you have more leeway to build your practice while treating patients/clients. Wendi’s expert AI training allows it to cover calls, streamline workflows, handle scheduling and do much more. And few things are more valuable for your practice than having more time and money!

Are you ready to free up your day?

Expand your practice with Wendi’s mental health virtual assistant.

Wendi’s mental health virtual assistant shoulders these tasks and more:

Explore Wendi’s Mental Health Virtual Assistant

Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Patient Journeys

Make the patient/client journey frictionless with Wendi’s help. Wendi’s phone, text and chat capabilities automate the patient/client journey with an array of smart actions:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Patient Workflows

Maximize your patient/client workflows with Wendi’s cutting-edge technology. Wendi easily communicates with patients/clients and swiftly complete tasks like these:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Insurance Benefits

Screen and verify patient/client insurance information quickly with Wendi.


of people are covered by insurance providers that Wendi supports
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare

Phone, Text and Chat System

With Wendi, you take advantage of a total phone, text and chat solution, including unlimited messaging, call routing and call forwarding. But answering calls is only the start of what Wendi can do:
Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare


The Advantages of a Mental Health Virtual Assistant

Why Get a Virtual Assistant for a Mental Health Practice?

Your time and focus belong to you and your patients/clients, not to ongoing office tasks. As a smart solution, a mental health virtual assistant takes over administrative work so you don’t waste that valuable time. 

Hiring a virtual assistant for a mental health practice offers many other serious advantages. For starters, Wendi is efficient and affordable — especially compared to compensating real-life staff. You often pay employees for administrative work alone! 

Meanwhile, a mental health virtual assistant like Wendi can scan, screen and message all your patients/clients — and for less than 1/6th the cost of one full-time employee’s monthly salary.

Day or night, inside or outside the office, Wendi never stops working! Growing your practice has never been simpler.

Digital Healthcare Assistant FAQs

A mental health virtual assistant like Wendi is a phone, text and chat tool that works via AI training. It helps you grow your practice by automating office tasks, such as transcribing voicemail, scheduling appointments and checking insurance data.

A mental health virtual assistant like Wendi handles administrative work securely and swiftly while remaining HIPAA compliant. It automates the patient/client journey, powers phone/text communications, handles appointments, checks insurance and streamlines workflows.

Because Wendi acts as virtual digital front office, your real-life staff doesn’t have to complete those time-consuming duties. And you don’t have to hire, train and pay another human employee.

You enjoy a spectrum of benefits when you enlist a virtual assistant for a mental health practice. 

First, a virtual assistant like Wendi saves your practice significant time and costs. Because it covers daily office work, you don’t have to pay another staff member’s salary. Furthermore, it boosts patient/client engagement by naturally maintaining lines of communication — a necessity in the mental health field. 

In fact, Wendi outsmarts other virtual assistant companies for a mental health practice because of its intuitive, targeted communication skills.

Like other virtual healthcare assistants, a mental health virtual assistant works with state-of-the-art AI and natural language processing. 

Developers train it to log, process and respond to patients/clients during over-the-phone and online interactions. It also pulls from a wealth of sources to capture and scan patient/client data.

No. A mental health virtual assistant cannot suggest resources (such as hotlines and prescription information) and recommend courses of action. Its capabilities are limited to intake, verification and scheduling needs.

It cannot provide the personal, custom care that a professional therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist does. Your patients/clients should speak with licensed professionals for tailored treatment.

Yes. The data a mental health virtual assistant handles is secure. 

Still, it’s wisest for patients/clients and mental health professionals to use discretion when submitting any personal, sensitive information online.

As of 2023, the information mental health virtual assistants offer patients/clients in chat communications dates to 2021

However, updates are ongoing, and Wendi draws data from many sources. These include patient/client records, logged interactions, contact information and insurance records.

Meet Wendi

Contact us to learn how to get your personal digital healthcare assistant working for you all year, 24×7, for the cost of one new employee month.

Wendi - A Digital Assistant For Healthcare
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