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Recovery Center Virtual Assistant Designed for Mental Health Professionals

Say hi to Wendi, a recovery center virtual assistant for therapists, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. With Wendi, you save both time and money, which allows you to better care for and treat your patients/clients. Wendi’s AI helps you handle calls (both incoming and outgoing), scheduling and busy day-to-day workflows.

Are you ready to free up your day and work smarter with virtual AI assistance?

AI front office assistants from Wendi support all areas of your practice

Journeys – Workflows – Phone Systems

Here are some tasks Wendi’s recovery center virtual assistant tackles:

  • Scheduling and managing appointments
  • Simplifying intake with digital forms
  • Engaging patients when you can’t with chat and text

  • Getting questions answered with automation
  • Getting back to missed calls with intake automation
  • Confirming and disconfirming patients (verbally and digitally)
  • Collecting and verifying insurance information
  • Getting CPT-level data to bill from Insurance properly
  • Maintaining consistent digital check-ins with patients for ongoing support

Explore Wendi’s Virtual Assistant for Recovery Centers

Patient Journeys

Make the patient/client journey as stress-free as possible with Wendi’s help. Wendi’s phone, text and chatbot capabilities automate the patient/client journey, making these areas a breeze:

  • Checking insurance benefits
  • Routing patient to available provider or location
  • Simplifying the patient referral process
  • Managing forms digitally
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Screening your patients/clients

Patient Workflows

Make your patient/client workflow the best it can be with Wendi’s innovative technology. Wendi’s communication with patients/clients is crystal-clear when it comes to anything office-related. And you can rest assured that Wendi efficiently completes these tasks:

  • Checking insurance data in seconds
  • Wendi quickly authenticates over 1,800 insurance payers

  • Completing website, text and chat forms
  • Rescheduling and canceling appointments
  • Sending and receiving messages to and from providers
  • Send and receive messages from mental health professionals and patients

Phone, Text and Chat System

Use Wendi’s chat, text and phone system to automate your center’s daily duties. Enjoy unlimited messaging, call routing and call forwarding, to name a few. But here’s a more comprehensive view of what Wendi can take on:

  • Inbound call round robin and voicemail
  • Text transcribed voicemail and chats

  • Automatic text reply to unanswered calls
  • Schedule appointments via automation
  • Customizable SMS workflows
  • Individual and Mass texting
  • Text scheduling

The Advantages of a Recovery Center Virtual Assistant

  • Being Available 24/7, in Any Time Zone
  • Boosting Revenue
  • Building More Constructive Workflows
  • Having Comprehensive Calling Capabilities
  • Increasing Patient/Client Satisfaction
  • Increasing Staff Productivity
  • Maintaining HIPAA Compliance
  • Organizing Your Office Tasks
  • Simplifying Billing Processes
  • Streamlining and Saving Time

Recovery Center Virtual Assistant FAQs

What is a recovery center virtual assistant?2024-04-03T15:05:48-07:00

A recovery center virtual assistant is a sophisticated AI tool that remotely provides administrative and support services to recovery centers and addiction treatment facilities.

They can assist with tasks managing inbound patient leads, data entry, customer support and more.

What types of tasks can a recovery center virtual assistant handle?2024-04-03T15:34:20-07:00

Virtual assistants in recovery centers can handle a wide range of tasks, including managing appointment schedules, answering phones and responding to emails.

Are recovery center virtual assistants programmed to comply with HIPAA?2024-04-03T15:36:50-07:00

Yes, reputable recovery center virtual assistants are typically programmed to maintain patient confidentiality and adhere to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

It’s crucial to choose a virtual assistant who understands and follows these privacy guidelines.

Can a recovery center virtual assistant work remotely?2024-04-03T15:55:57-07:00

Yes, recovery center virtual assistants are AI software tools, so they can work remotely and provide services from anywhere with an internet connection. This remote work arrangement allows for flexibility and cost savings for recovery centers.

Are recovery center virtual assistants available 24/7?2024-04-03T15:56:29-07:00

The availability of recovery center virtual assistants can vary. Some may offer 24/7 services, while others may work during specific business hours. It depends on the AI features and tools your recovery center uses, as well as the agreement and requirements that are set.

How do recovery center virtual assistants ensure data security?2024-04-03T15:56:56-07:00

Virtual assistants take data security seriously. They use secure communication channels, follow data-handling best practices and may use encryption and secure storage methods to protect sensitive information.

Can a recovery center virtual assistant assist with insurance billing and claims processing?2024-04-03T15:57:28-07:00

Yes, in that many recovery center virtual assistants can help with insurance verification. The patient can self verify and the practice can re-verify patient insurance information down to the CPT level.

What are the cost considerations when hiring a recovery center virtual assistant?2024-04-03T15:58:11-07:00

The cost of hiring a recovery center virtual assistant varies depending on the company and platform you choose. Most offer fixed monthly rates or long-term contracts, but others may have a fixed rate for project-based pricing.

How can I ensure effective communication with my recovery center virtual assistant?2024-04-03T15:58:36-07:00

Effective communication with your virtual assistant is essential for a successful working relationship. Use clear communication channels, establish expectations, provide detailed instructions and schedule regular check-ins to discuss progress and address any questions or concerns.

Remember that recovery center virtual assistants’ services may vary. As a result, definitely discuss your unique needs and expectations with potential candidates or service providers to find the right fit for your recovery center.

Some of our Happy Customers

Leading practices trust Wendi.

Reduced admin burden

“The Wendi digital assistant is a critical member of our team. Since adding her to our website, we have saved hours daily. We’ve also seen a higher new patient count by streamlining the onboarding process. Wendi saved us from having to hire someone new at 10X the cost.”

Colleen Hilton, Acuity Counseling

Increased new patient throughput

“We are a group mental health practice with dozens of providers. Wendi has improved our new customer acquisition by 40%, saving us daily hours and producing a 300X ROI within 30 days.”

Tamara Lagalo, Spring Forest Counseling

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