Wendi is your AI-powered virtual front office that connects with your EMR back office. Wendi, the digital healthcare assistant, handles calls, text, and chats and uses AI technology to automate everything from intake,  instant insurance verification, patient screening, and scheduling. As your virtual front office, Wendi eliminates the burden on your team and payroll for patient management while instantly getting data into your EMR like Kipu, AdvancedMD, Greenway, and Sunwave. Data that comes through phone, text, and chat, no less! No longer let your phones go unanswered, your team overworked, or patient data unmanageable. Let Wendi do the work and make your EMR work instead of you working for it. Wendi is the only complete virtual office for phone, text, and chat you need along with your EMR.

Don’t use Kipu, Advanced MD, Greenway, or Sunwave?

No problem! At Wendi, we love breaking down barriers; after all, patients accessing you and you accessing their data should be a breeze. Wendi can integrate or ensure your data is passed into your chosen EMR. Now, no EMR is created alike; in fact, there are too many EMRs to count, and most tend to be closed systems, which means they do not make it possible to integrate third-party services or applications like Wendi. That doesn’t stop us! Wendi believes your practice shouldn’t be held captive by antiquated back office EMRs that prevent you from having a more automated, streamlined virtual front office. Wendi’s services include a data services option in the case of closed EMRs that gives you a data services person to ensure your data is entered in your EMR for you on a timely and repeated basis.

Methods of EMR integration:
  • HL7
  • API integrations
  • Webhooks
  • Data Services

Despite integrations or data passing being significant technical and costly work, Wendi does not charge extra for the initial setup and ongoing work. You can sleep easily at night knowing set up is included in your low fixed monthly cost for all Wendi AI services.

What kind of data can you pass?

Wendi will pass the data you need to bill insurance for your patient. Data includes:

  • General patient demographic
  • Insurance info
  • Scheduled visits