Acquire – Communicate – Screen

Helping you achieve your goals

At Wendi, we work with hundreds of practices across all healthcare specialties and talk to even more every month. Beyond providing excellent healthcare to their patients, our customers and future customers care about the same things and have the same goals.

  • Acquire more new patients and hold on to the ones they have
  • Communicate with patients more effectively to make intake and scheduling easier

  • Screen patients based on needs, insurance, qualification, and much more

Increase operational efficiency and profit

Streamline and Optimize Workflows

Let Wendi AI make it more profitable and easier for you to manage and operate your healthcare practice.

Insurance providers that Wendi supports: 96%
Productivity increase because of automation: 86%
New customer acquisition average increase: 43%

We are not just tooting our own horn; we were built for this and live to help our customers and future customers achieve these goals. In addition, we can help them achieve their objectives all in one solution with the Wendi AI Powered virtual front office, which most practices often use multiple tools for.


When it comes to acquiring patients, while Wendi is not a marketing company, it does make whatever marketing or public engagement you do succeed. In today’s world, if you cannot engage and be responsive over multiple channels of communication, you may have just lost that new patient or existing customer you were hoping to get or keep. Here are just some ways Wendi helps you more effectively acquire new or maintain existing patients:

  • Phone, text, chat, and website engagement in one inbox

  • Automated follow-up across all channels
  • Customized workflows designed to differentiate engagement

  • Single inbox visibility of all inbound patient traffic


Communication at all levels of engaging new or existing patients is the difference between winning or losing them. Too often, patients describe practices as too busy to reach, too long to hear back from, or the intake process slow and paper-based. Well, Wendi is here to make you the apple of your patient’s eye and the envy of your competing practices by moving you to the next level of patient communication or engagement. Some ways Wendi helps you do this are:

  • Automation for missed calls to complete intake, insurance verification, and scheduling
  • Automated text reminders for appointments
  • Chat started over the web and continued over text
  • Ability to customize communication based on customer language


Most practices today find their screening process is broken up between forms in one place, phone, and text, yet in different places than their calendar system. All this leads to a productivity drain due to excessive manual work, which prevents your staff from providing good healthcare. Give them the break they deserve today with Wendi’s AI-powered virtual front office. Wendi centralizes phone, text, and chat into one inbox and lets you run intake, verification of insurance, and scheduling all from one place. Think of all the time and money you will save over how you work today! Wendi simplifies intake with:

  • Intake automation over text, phone, chat and online
  • Scheduling automation over text, phone, chat and online
  • Insurance verification over text, phone, chat, and online
  • Patient routing to provider based on need, insurance, and location


Trusted by our satisfied customers

“I run a busy chiropractic and nutrition office. Like so many other offices during the pandemic, I was faced with being understaffed or without staff at all, especially at the front desk. In an effort to be sustainable regardless of staffing needs, I knew I needed to automate and streamline front desk procedures in a way that worked for me. Wendi has helped me do just that. There’s no more sitting on the phone for the standard 30 to 45 minutes waiting to verify insurance information, now it only takes me a few minutes. Wendi has streamlined communications with patients as well. No more phone tag! Patients call in and leave a voice message that I can then see in text format in the dashboard. I can text them in return from there.”

Nichia M. Faria DC., MSACN
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