Never leave a prospective client waiting

Wendi automates patient qualification, insurance eligibility, and scheduling — making client management easier than ever.

How it Works

Wendi makes sure that every client is helped immediately,

so that you can focus on clinical work — not phone tag.


Wendi engages with every visitor to your website  and responds to missed calls with a friendly text message.

Wendi handles the entire workflow around a new patient inquiry:
  • screening them for your practice
  • checking their insurance
  • explaining benefits to the patient
  • scheduling
  • intake paperwork

Wendi instantly checks insurance benefits and explains them to clients so you don't have to.

Wendi connects to ~1,800 payers that cover 96% of the US population — and gives you instant, automated insurance eligibility checks. A patient can message or SMS Wendi their insurance info, and Wendi can run a real-time check and tell the patient whether or not they're covered.

HIPAA-compliant, unified communications.

Wendi comes with a complete communications suite, unlimited messaging that bridges to SMS for clients plus a VoIP/phone system.
All client communications are stored securely in an app — not on mobile devices — and any member of your team can join in on a thread to pick up where somebody else left off.

Never miss a prospective client

Group practices — simplified.

Wendi is more than a "digital assistant." It's a complete client management & communications platform.

  • Automated client screening, intake and scheduling

  • An intuitive, light CRM to manage and track all clients

  • Conduct real-time in-network and out-of-network benefits checks 

  • Unlimited HIPAA compliant SMS Messaging​

  • A unique phone number for your practice

  • Make and receive calls through web and mobile app

  • Send and receive referrals through our HIPAA compliant referral hub

Wendi is your group practice's best friend. She knows every clinician's specialties, rates, accepted insurance plans, and calendars — and can show clients which clinicians are most suitable for them. Wendi can set up consultations or schedule appointments — she's your one-stop-shop for client management.


Don't just take it from us — here's what real providers have to say about using Wendi.



1-5 clinicians



6-10 clinicians



11-20 clinicians



21+ Clinicians


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About Us

Wendi was built by WeRecover — a company founded with the mission of broadening access to mental and behavioral healthcare.


Based in Los Angeles, WeRecover has grown into a leading company in the mental health space, and has assembled a team that includes Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Governor Chris Christie, Dr. Michael Genovese of Acadia Healthcare, and Dr. David Shulkin, the former Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs — the largest healthcare system in the United States. 

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