AI-powered patient automation for your practice

Reduce administrative burden and increase patient throughput with AI-powered intake, scheduling and insurance verification over phone, text and chat.

Automate the Patient Journey
Automate Existing Patient Workflows
Check Insurance Benefits Instantly
A Complete Phone, Text and Chat System

AI-Powered Healthcare Management

AI automation designed for all practice types


Wendi provides the top virtual assistant for physicians

Virtual Front Office for Providers

Mental Health

Virtual assistant for therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists

Designed for Mental Health Practices

Recovery Centers

Expand your center with Wendi’s recovery center virtual assistant

Upgrade Recovery Center Services


Wendi provides the top dermatology practice virtual assistant

Virtual Front Office for Dermatologists


Wendi ensures your practice’s priorities receive expert support

Virtual Front Office for Chiropractors


Wendi ensures your practice’s priorities receive expert support

Designed for Orthopedic Practices

What makes Wendi different?

Wendi is different from your run-of-the-mill chatbot, not even close. Those are a dime a dozen. Wendi transforms your practice in a way those cannot. Put simply; it supercharges and automates your intake, insurance verification and scheduling of patients across all modes of communication.

Increase operational efficiency and profit

Healthcare is Hard

Let Wendi AI make it easier for you to manage, operate, and grow your unique healthcare practice.

Insurance providers that Wendi supports: 96%
Productivity increase because of automation: 86%
New customer acquisition average increase: 43%

why choose Wendi?

Everything you need for success is included in our pricing, from the first phone call with our team to your first a-ha moment AI automation.

  • Phone, text and chat in a single inbox

  • Complete automation for intake, verification, and scheduling
  • Single-click Insurance verification and CPT level verification
  • A team of several people implementing and supporting your needs
  • Patient-provider matching based on need, insurance, and location

  • Live training and best-in-class customer support
Healthcare Industry Projected Savings by 2026 using AI Solutions
Better Patient Adherence to Treatment Plans using AI Solutions
Projected Reduction in Healthcare Administrative Tasks by AI Solutions

Watch this quick overview to see how Wendi can optimize your practice’s operations.